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(Pronounced "You See Me Tho")

  • Be confident and conceited 😊


    The UCMETHO collection is a next-level urban slogan brand and vibe that’ll have you double tapping to purchase. You've heard the phrase "they see you". Well, be confident, and a little conceited (for fun) by making everyone aware that you know they see you! Your presence is powerful! Your presence is important! Your presence is a vibe! Wherever you are, they see you!!!! We deliver this cool, fly, hip product for men, women and children! Own your presence and your power in your UCMETHO T-shirt (short or long sleeve), Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Baseball Cap, T-shirt Dress/Swimsuit Cover Up or Crop Top. Get yours today!

  • BOLD and FUN

    Everything about Auntie Tee's & Accessories revolves around our commitment to help you look fly, flex and inspire confidence in you and all that you are.


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